Third pair of boxes going in dog barn
sun, 02-feb-2014, 14:36

Piper checks out Jenson
sat, 01-feb-2014, 16:21

Heating the shed
sat, 01-feb-2014, 09:49

Sunrise over the dog yard
sun, 26-jan-2014, 09:19

Dog barn heat recovery ventilator core
sat, 18-jan-2014, 16:32

Monte listens to “Holland, 1945”
mon, 13-jan-2014, 19:22

What working at home looks like
mon, 13-jan-2014, 11:11

Moon over Railroad Drive
sun, 12-jan-2014, 16:12

Zonked Lennier puppy
sun, 12-jan-2014, 12:58