Piper, Kiva and Koidern
fri, 02-mar-2007, 14:37

Piper and Buddy after a race
sun, 21-jan-2007, 21:24

Nika, Kiva, Piper and Buddy snoozing
mon, 30-jan-2006, 16:12

Piper and Ivan share a bed
fri, 14-oct-2005, 14:01

Cutting firewood
sun, 10-jul-2005, 13:13

Piper and Kiva playing in the yard
sun, 16-jan-2005, 14:46

Going moose hunting on the Tanana Flats
wed, 08-sep-2004, 08:42

Water shed complete
mon, 02-aug-2004, 17:21