Caslon enjoying belly pets
tue, 03-dec-2013, 19:23

First commute by fat bike
wed, 27-nov-2013, 13:37

Dog barn monitoring equipment
mon, 25-nov-2013, 17:26

Opening a pair of boxes in the dog barn
tue, 19-nov-2013, 18:16

Dog barn box doors installed
tue, 19-nov-2013, 18:14

Powering ABR one generator at a time
sun, 17-nov-2013, 09:32

Boxes for the dog barn
fri, 15-nov-2013, 16:59

Snow curves off woodshed, hardens
fri, 15-nov-2013, 14:14

Sheep Creek catches another vehicle
sun, 10-nov-2013, 14:14