Attempt at smoothing out the berm
sat, 20-may-2017, 13:56

Monte takes a nap on the deck
sun, 30-apr-2017, 15:20

Adjusting the foundation at the rental
sun, 30-apr-2017, 13:07

New chimney at the rental
sun, 30-apr-2017, 11:45

UAF bike path
sat, 29-apr-2017, 15:23

Plowing out the rental driveway
wed, 26-apr-2017, 17:29

Fifteen inches of water on the creek
mon, 17-apr-2017, 16:43

First 2017 10K
sun, 09-apr-2017, 14:54

New dog shed gate
sun, 02-apr-2017, 15:35

Spring Fling 5K
sat, 01-apr-2017, 11:28