Goldstream Creek Weather

The following pages are about our local weather station. The table below shows the current conditions, which updates automatically every five minutes (via JavaScript). The little charts next to the values are “sparklines” showing data for the last 24 hours. They’re useful for seeing how the data is trending, and possible relationships between variables. More detailed plots of each variable over the last seven days can be viewed by clicking on the variable links in the table. More data and other plots are available from the links at the bottom of the page.

Current conditions:

Arduino station
Station Date and time  
West temperature (°F)  
Back temperature (°F)  
Downstairs temperature (°F)  
Upstairs temperature (°F)  
Dog barn temperature (°F)  
Dog barn dewpoint (°F) 
Dog barn relative humidity (%) 
Pressure (mb) 

Previous 24-hour temperature history
(min / avg / max, °F)
Today’s temperature history  
Rainwise station
Station Date and time  
Temperature (°F) 
Pressure (mb) 
Wind speed (mph) 
Wind direction (degrees)  
Gust speed (mph)  
Station battery (V) 

Previous 24-hour temperature history