West Ridge from the hay fields
tue, 14-sep-2021, 16:09

Lennier appreciating the fall weather
sun, 12-sep-2021, 14:20

Foo Fighters at the Carlson Center
sat, 21-aug-2021, 22:33

Cow moose and two calves on the T-Field
tue, 17-aug-2021, 16:05

Trail closed
sun, 08-aug-2021, 10:46

Granite Tors Trail Run
sat, 07-aug-2021, 11:50

Martin and Jenson on the couch
tue, 03-aug-2021, 08:01

Under a cloud off the Pinnell Trail
sat, 24-jul-2021, 09:19

Caribou in Denali National Park
mon, 19-jul-2021, 22:33

Hiking in Polychrome Glaciers
mon, 19-jul-2021, 12:12