Tallys and Monte enjoying the sun
sat, 30-mar-2013, 11:23

Caslon enjoying the spring sun
thu, 28-mar-2013, 13:48

Lennier and Monte on the truck
sun, 24-mar-2013, 10:16

Tok mushers hall
sun, 24-mar-2013, 09:09

Monte’s new bed
sat, 23-mar-2013, 13:42

What motel rooms are for
sat, 23-mar-2013, 13:33

Tok, end of day 1
sat, 23-mar-2013, 13:09

Day 1 blizzard for eight dog class
sat, 23-mar-2013, 11:14

Dropping dogs at Quartz Lake
fri, 22-mar-2013, 13:49

Tallys resting on Caslon
thu, 21-mar-2013, 18:38