Rental on the porch
mon, 11-mar-2013, 15:25

House from across the slough
sun, 10-mar-2013, 13:43

35°F outside, removed hard-pack
sat, 09-mar-2013, 15:15

Lennier carefully watches moose
thu, 07-mar-2013, 07:56

Bottom of Front 40 trail
sat, 02-mar-2013, 13:20

Four dogs at dinner
sat, 23-feb-2013, 17:52

Spring! Baseball and -20°F
sat, 23-feb-2013, 09:13

Lennier and Monte
fri, 22-feb-2013, 20:19

Top of the Front 40
sat, 16-feb-2013, 14:48