Gorgeous spring afternoon
wed, 25-apr-2012, 17:01

Nika's pond, mostly melted out
mon, 23-apr-2012, 16:27

Our old decking turned into firewood
sun, 22-apr-2012, 16:49

Treadmill flop
sun, 22-apr-2012, 16:11

High Creek, back cabin
sat, 21-apr-2012, 09:18

Another shot of the water in the slough
thu, 19-apr-2012, 21:22

Slough is rising
thu, 19-apr-2012, 17:45

Moose delay, 2.0
wed, 18-apr-2012, 06:11

Moose vs. bicyclist: advantage moose
tue, 17-apr-2012, 06:11

Summer weight
mon, 16-apr-2012, 19:43