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276593 Tony Seo 2022‑11‑17 Re: ID early rasp
On 11/17/2022 9:14 AM, Kirk Eppler via groups.io wrote:
> Small data point. DAT does not have anyone listed as Parkin.  And those
> named Parkins are drawknife and wood plane makers respectively.
> I would suggest that the presence of the crown makes them English, or
> German.

Pretty sure it's English, but which one is horse of a different colour
as they say

Parkin, Charles, File Maker. Bower St, Sheffield. 1834, Pigot
Parkin, Edward, File & Steel Manufacturer, Canton Works 92 West Street
36 Fitzwilliam Street, Sheffield, 1852, White
Parkin, Edward & Charles, File Maker, Bower Spring, Sheffield, 1829, Pigot
Parkin, John, File Cutter, 9 Dorset Street Q Michael, Sheffield, 1852, White
Parkin, John, File Manufacturer, Upperthorpe, Sheffield, 1852, White
Parkin, John & William, File Maker, 80 West St,    Sheffield, 1834, Pigot
Parkin, Thomas, File Maker, 21 Hoyle St., Sheffield, 1822, Baines
Parkin, Thomas Jonathan & William, File Maker, 26 West Street,
Sheffield, 1829, Pigot
Parkin, William, File Cutter, Westgate, Bradford, 1822, Baines
Parkin, William, File Cutter, Albion, Bradford, 1829, Pigot

And I only have records up to around 1854 or so.  The last entry on each
line is the trade directory publisher.

Tony (who hasn't see too many early files around of late..)

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