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268672 Don Schwartz <dks@t...> 2019‑06‑13 Re: Need some help with heat treating O1 steel
On 2019-06-12 7:25 p.m., Bill Webber via OldTools wrote:
> Hi guys, I'm being a bit lazy here.  I don't want to spend a month 
> wandering around the internet buzz to analyze a bunch of opinions by 
> people who probably have never done the work.
> So, here's what I'm looking for.  I bought Larry Williams' tape on 
> making hollows and rounds and he talks about heat treating irons using 
> a torch on a propane tank along with a couple fire bricks to contain 
> the heat.  Then he talks a little about how to identify the proper 
> temperature.  So, I'd like some pointers from folks who have actually 
> done this; I know you are out there.
> I'm looking at a propane torch like this from HD:
> https://www.homedepot.com/p/Lincoln-Electric-Inferno-
>      500K BTU ought to do it, right?
> To determine the right temperature, I've heard of going by color, I've 
> heard of using a magnet (like I'm gonna stick a magnet to a chunk of 
> metal at a 1000 degrees) Larry Williams talks about 'watching the 
> metal sweat'.  So, can someone point me to something that works?
> Quenching, I hear abut vegetable oil, peanut oil (smells better, they 
> say) and I guess old motor oil would be ver botem, too flammable, right?
> So, any one doing this at home?  Any videos out there on how I want to 
> approach this?  Any help much appreciated.

Only done it once - Coleman stove + a very basic propane torch on a 
drill bit made for the lathe. Used canola oil for the quench. No drama, 
despite anxieties expressed by LOML and my daughter. Heat colours are 
really only visible in a dim light. Magnetic pick-up tool came in handy 
for the test.



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