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272559 Phil Edgerton <pedgerton66@g...> 2021‑01‑12 antique fix

This a recent project to restore a gifted to me antique radio cabinet,
an"Aline", from circa 1933. I had the picture in my mind of a family
listening to "The Life of Riley" or the WWII news or the like. The cab
was very deflicted: having a muddy brown color with pieces missing,
and a portion of veneer gone or loose. The electronics were defunct so
I inserted shelves inside to hold stereo components.

Best to all,
Phil E.https://www.f
272560 Ed Minch <ruby1638@a...> 2021‑01‑12 Re: antique fix
That’s a sweetheart - well done

Ed Minch
272561 curt seeliger <seeligerc@g...> 2021‑01‑12 Re: antique fix
> ... gifted to me antique radio cabinet,...
That looks nice, and fun to have for your music system. Sometimes I wonder
if someone will find my old 6 transistor radio and repurpose it to hold
their wifi router or smart speaker.

Couldn't help but notice the goosewing next to the neanderbuddy; looks like
a well equipped shop you've created.
272562 Greg Isola <gregorywisola@g...> 2021‑01‑12 Re: antique fix
Super neat, Phil! Thanks for sharing. Fellow Bay Area Galoot Bill Kasper
and I have a similar, loooong-term plan to repurpose a small,
cathedral-style model into a guitar amp. (I have the busted old radio; Bill
has the electrics chops.)

Take care, all of you,

Greg Isola
Alameda, CA

On Tue, Jan 12, 2021 at 11:40 AM Phil Edgerton 
272574 Roy Parker <rp77469@c...> 2021‑01‑13 Re: antique fix
On Tue, 12 Jan 2021 14:39:42 -0500, you wrote:

Lovely cabinet!  I wish I had the one from my Grandfather's home.  It
was thrown away many years ago.  Here is the Life of Riley for your
listening pleasure.   https
272575 John Ruth <johnrruth@h...> 2021‑01‑14 Re: antique fix
Phil and Assembled Galooterati:

I forwarded just the body of this post to a friend who collects old radios.  He
wasn't shocked at the adaptive re-use of the cabinet.  He pointed out that
sometimes the die-cast parts of tuning capacitors and other components of old
radios deteriorate beyond repair.  The fact that this is an aging process can
mean that it's impossible to find non-deteriorated replacements.

He surmised that "Aline" is a typographic error for "Airline," which he
identified as a Montgomery Ward brand.  In his experience, the cabinet is
unusually deluxe for a Montgomery Ward radio; must have been their top-of-the-

Like the Porch, he admires the quality of the cabinet restoration.

So, FWIW, the work earned the admiration of an antique radio aficionado. And
mine! Well done!

John Ruth

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272584 Dragon List <dragon01list@g...> 2021‑01‑14 Re: antique fix
thanks to radiomuseum.org, i could find it was an airline 62-91 from
1933/34.  9 tubes, battery driven.  most likely a field coil loudspeaker.
$56.50 cash when new, or $1,125 equivalent in today's dollars.  not high
fidelity, but hell of a beautiful job with the cabinet.

felton, ca

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