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272575 John Ruth <johnrruth@h...> 2021‑01‑14 Re: antique fix
Phil and Assembled Galooterati:

I forwarded just the body of this post to a friend who collects old radios.  He
wasn't shocked at the adaptive re-use of the cabinet.  He pointed out that
sometimes the die-cast parts of tuning capacitors and other components of old
radios deteriorate beyond repair.  The fact that this is an aging process can
mean that it's impossible to find non-deteriorated replacements.

He surmised that "Aline" is a typographic error for "Airline," which he
identified as a Montgomery Ward brand.  In his experience, the cabinet is
unusually deluxe for a Montgomery Ward radio; must have been their top-of-the-

Like the Porch, he admires the quality of the cabinet restoration.

So, FWIW, the work earned the admiration of an antique radio aficionado. And
mine! Well done!

John Ruth

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