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271768 Mick Dowling <spacelysprocket@b...> 2020‑09‑13 Re: Weird cutter blade. Was (embarrassingly) Weird Hinge.

Thank-you to those who were able to identify the Stanley 45/55 slitter cutter
for me. My excuse for not knowing what it was is that like most who have a
Stanley 45 or 55 (I confess to having an example of each), they are tools that
remains unused. I can confirm that both have a slitter cutter almost identical
to my mystery cutter.

The other mystery item is the pendulum out of a type of inclinometer. I worked
for a number of years in the building maintenance department of a blind/vision
impairment organisation. One of the strange items in the workshop was a level
for the use of the blind/vision impaired. I’ve tried to track down a photograph
of an example, but I cannot find anything on the web. The level was wooden,
around 450mm (18”) long, maybe 70mm x 35mm  (3 x 1¼”). In the middle was a
protractor with the pendulum. The protractor had nicks cut in the edge to
indicate what were probably 5 degree increments. To read the level you would
have to feel the location of the point of the pendulum, and then feel the
nearest nick to get what could really only be an idea of level. And only level,
it didn’t have a seperate indicator for checking for plumb. There might have
been a mechanism to lock the pendulum. I’ve sketched roughly what it looked like
and posted it here; https:
//photos.app.goo.gl/BLCicJZPLVe2b8id7 <https://photos.app.goo.gl/BLCicJZPLVe2b8id7>

The example in the workshop wasn’t a one-off. This spare pendulum presumably
came out of another example, and over in the Aids & Equipment shop they had one
on display. 25 years later it may well still be on display.

Mick Dowling
Melbourne Australia 

On Sat, 12 Sep 2020 at 02:01, Mick Dowling mailto:spacelysprocket@b...>> wrote:

Another couple of items that were in the old tool box that delivered the small
double action hinge debacle. A mystery cutter, and a tool component.

Pics here; https://photos.
app.goo.gl/BLCicJZPLVe2b8id7 <https://photos.app.goo.gl/BLCicJZPLVe2b8id7> <https://photos.app.goo.gl/BLCicJZPLVe2b8id7

First 2 pictures are of the mystery cutter beside a Stanley router plane. I was
certain that it was some sort of additional cutter for the router, not so sure
now. But it does look familiar. Any clues?

3rd and 4th picture are another mystery item. I know what it is, I wonder if
anyone else does? Part of a tool. The pictures might not be of any use to
someone who regularly would have used the tool.

Mick Dowling

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