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263984 Erik Levin 2017‑11‑16 Re: Turning saw blades...
Kirk said:
> Millers Falls butcher saw punch, think its called a midget.

> Or a dedicated spade bit from Blackburn Tools

I have used a Whitney punch for thinner blades on occasion. A carbide drill bit
works well, if you have a rigid drill setup.
Abrasive cut can be done (spin a dowel of soft brass tube the right size and use
abrasive slurry).
Spot heating to soften the spot where drilling will be done lets you get through
with even an eggbeater drill (you can spot heat to red with a small tip torch or
using friction-- a fast spinning rod the size of the desired hole pressed to the
blade will do it) and standard twist drill.

There are plenty of other ways

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