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113420 "Arthur Bailey" <curiousart@e...> 2003‑01‑20 Re: saw sharpening made a little easier
Bugbear says:

> If your saw vice is not perfectly even, some parts
> of you saw will be better held than others.
> As Pete comments, if your saw is not held well, it
> will vibrate, and your filing will be less effetive.

As usual, I had bought the first saw vice that flung itself in my path. I
got it home to discover that the jaws not only were somewhat misaligned,
but had a nice gap in the middle ( I swear these deformities take place on
the car ride home). I took an old bike inner tube and made a pair of
leggings for my vice. Stuck them on with some spray adhesive. The rubber
fills up the gap nicely, and also serves to dampen the filing noise.

Art Bailey
Somerville, Ma

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