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94674 "Peter Taran" <hd1840@d...> 2001‑06‑29 RE: Help identify an old saw (NOT: Soaking Planes in Oil)
Joe writes (in part):

>Last weekend at the antique show I found a good project saw:
>   http://www.geocities.com/jmpalazz/2001_June/Dsc00152.jpg
>Nice handle, nib, filed crosscut, four split nuts, medallion from

This would not be my first choice for a project saw. This saw dates from the
1860 time frame, as the hand stamped blade would indicate.  Brown's was an
outfit that Disston acquired, sometime around that time, and he carried the
Brown's line into the early 1900s.  The history of the very early
acquisitions and other mergers is pretty hazy....I'm not sure if anyone
really knows the story of the Brown inclusion into the Disston empire.

I'm inclined to think that you have a pre-Disston Brown, a saw which is
pretty scarce.  Unless the handle is loose, I would not take the nuts off or
do major surgery with it.  From the looks of it, it appears to be in good
shape.  A question....what does the main medallion say?  Warranted Superior,
or something else?  Nice find.

Hope this helps,

Pete Taran
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