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79534 "Sauntry, Thomas" thomas.sauntry@l... 2000‑06‑09 RE: Oilstone flattening question
> >With the recent discussion on flattening stones, what about oilstones.
> >I use ss and waterstones, but got a couple of oilstones thrown in with a 
> >recent garage sale purchase (old workmutt, I never had one before) I 
> >thought oilstones were suppose to remain fairly flat, but at least one 
I flatten mine on my diamond stone. Works well except on very long stones
where it is hard to get a perfectly flat surface across the whole length
because the stone being flattened overlaps the diamond stone. I get them
close enough for both chisels and planes. If I was really worried about
flattening the larger (10 inches long or so) stones I would get a bigger
diamond stone, mine is about 3x8.

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