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79458 DAN WEINSTOCK WEINDAN@H... 2000‑06‑07 Re: Dieterich Post Co.
Hi Joe,

It's Frederick Post Co., Chicago, Ill., established 1921 and bought 
out by Teledyne about 1970. They sold drafting, slide rules, surveyors 
supplies, much like Aloe,  Dietzgen, Keuffel & Esser, etc.

Hope this helps,

Dan Weinstock
Geneva, NY


jneustein@p...  wrote:

"I just picked up a hand sighting level in a leather case.  The level is
marked Dieterich Post Co.  Does anyone know anything about this company?  
[I bought it partly because it's cool and partly because Dieterich is my 
wife's maiden name.]


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