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63867 Joe and Rhonda DiPietro <laws@m...> 1999‑06‑11 Re: The ideal moving filletster

Have enjoyed this thread, even though I've never had the pleasure of using a
filletster...a neophyte I truly am...
Not many things manufactured for lefties (the gauche and sinister)...on early
Honda Accords, the right side wheel nuts were reverse threaded tightened
counterclockwise...let's see, tolls booth receptacles and water closet flush
Sorry, couldn't resist...oh yeah, one of the meds we use in pulmonary medicine
(racemic epinephrine) the gauche molecular isomer is the active one...

And besides, us 'southpaws' (from baseball) are in our 'right' mind...now you
know my problem ...He He He...

Have a super day...

Joe (on the left) DiPietro

Steve Jones wrote:

> At 06:30 AM 6/11/99 -0500, Scott wrote:
> >What makes the perfect filletster?
> >
> > Fence:
> >    - fence attached to bottom with screws?
> Not recommended for you sinister (Latin for left-handed) types.
> Reverse-threaded wood screws are hard to come by and I'd worry that you'd
> constantly unscrew it trying to tighten it.
> > Depth stop:
> >    - simple slotted stop screwed into side of plane (ala Stanley #78)?
> Not recommended for gauche (French for left) folks like you. Same reason as
> above.
> Besides, since you're not adroit (French for right-handed), maybe you
> shouldn't be playing with sharp objects anyway.
> BTW, which way are the floats skewed? If you find that you can't use them,
> maybe I could take them off your hands.
> Steve Jones
> Kokomo IN
> one of the soiled masses - the one holding your HT infill hostage
> --

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