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63863 Steve Jones <STJONES911@p...> 1999‑06‑11 Re: The ideal moving filletster
At 06:30 AM 6/11/99 -0500, Scott wrote:

>What makes the perfect filletster?
> Fence:
>    - fence attached to bottom with screws?

Not recommended for you sinister (Latin for left-handed) types.
Reverse-threaded wood screws are hard to come by and I'd worry that you'd
constantly unscrew it trying to tighten it.

> Depth stop:
>    - simple slotted stop screwed into side of plane (ala Stanley #78)?

Not recommended for gauche (French for left) folks like you. Same reason as

Besides, since you're not adroit (French for right-handed), maybe you
shouldn't be playing with sharp objects anyway.

BTW, which way are the floats skewed? If you find that you can't use them,
maybe I could take them off your hands.

Steve Jones
Kokomo IN
one of the soiled masses - the one holding your HT infill hostage

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