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277421 Norm Wood <normw013@f...> 2023‑05‑26 Re: Need to recover the plan for the circa 1999 Saw Till Galoot Group Project
On 26 May, Brian Welch wrote:
>Didn't the original have some, let's say, non standard dovetails?

I think maybe so.  The tails cut in the sides for the upper cleat extend 
perpendicular to the long grain, which is unusual.  

Joining the jump ~off-topic to other till designs, this is another 
"Spartan" one that I like and have good intentions to build:


But I "have" to build a turning saw first to cut those curves, and I 
"need" to make a tapered reamer to do the turning saw the way I'd like 
to...  :)


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