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277093 Kevin Foley <kevin.foley.135@g...> 2023‑03‑10 Re: Quality scrollwork. (was: making scrollwork... how to smooth?)
Richard said:
" ...result of having the design workable with the tools on hand. - so
THAT’s why carvers have so many tools.  But only the ones they actually

Adding only a little to that, in conversation with a conservator of antique
furniture I was told that when the execution of carving on a piece is
examined sometimes elements show evidence of being carved with a
less-than-optimal tool belying a gap in the carver's kit. A gap in the
carver's kit such as making up for missing a gouge of a particular sweep
can be observed from piece to piece giving evidence of association.  Though
identifying a carver doesn't alway identify a joiner - carving would often
be subbed out.

Kevin in cloudy, drizzly Chantilly, trying to rationalize the trip to
Damascus tomorrow by devaluing the things I should be doing instead, and
convincing myself I'm only going to have a doughnut and look.

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