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277080 Bill Ghio 2023‑03‑08 American Historic Trades Summit
This popped up in my inbox and i thot a few of you might be interested in such a
program —

The Campaign for Historic Trades is excited to announce the first American
Historic Trades Summit in Providence, RI June 12-14, 2023. The Summit will help
develop a network for historic trades training programs, creating a central
source of knowledge and resources on how to start, maintain, and propel a
training program.
Participants will have the opportunity to share knowledge, pool resources,
ensure consistent standards, and learn how to advocate for program support.
Attendees will engage in informational sessions and networking opportunities
that explore the past, present, and future of historic trades training in

The convening will be of value to a wide audience, including: preservation
organizations interested in creating, supporting, or fostering historic trades
programs; organizations interested in supporting trades professionals in their
communities; historic trades trainers and professionals; historic trades firms;
government agencies focused on workforce development and trades training; state
and national park preservationists, and more.



Recent Bios FAQ