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277075 Kirk Eppler 2023‑03‑06 Re: Kennedy Tool Box

For the sake of completeness, here are images from 2 of my Kennedy boxes,
slightly different in the cam shape, but not the hook it catches in.  I
previously sent the red set to Frank directly, but here they are for others
who may care.

The brown 526 box

The cam

The Hook

The red set.

Kirk in Half Moon Bay, trying to get stuff done during a late lunch

On Thu, Feb 16, 2023 at 6:26 PM Kirk Eppler  wrote:

> so the short answer, you have a drawer lock, and want to convert it into a
> chest lock.
> I'm guessing the doohickey is pretty close to the same regardless of the
> key style.  Most of mine are older, and have the flat key.  I can send you
> a traceable image of said doohickey, and you can make a wood or fiberobard
> one, see if it fits, and adjust as needed before you go to metal.
> KE
> On Thu, Feb 16, 2023 at 4:51 PM Frank Filippone 
> wrote:
>> OK.. Time to explain.....  This Box has no lock.  None.  No key either.
>> What I am attempting to do is to use a different model Kennedy Lock (
>> that I bought on the cheap, new, old stock, as in $10) and modify it or
>> this box.
>> Here is what I need to find out...
>> There is a moving piece of metal (I call this the doo jiggey.) that
>> rotates when the key is turned.  This latches into the top of the box to
>> lock it.
>> I bought a lock that has a long metal piece, but has no cut out to lock
>> into the top.  it is too long and it does not have the notch essential
>> for locking.
>> What I need to do is to cut the metal doo jiggey on the lock, to match
>> the smaller correct doo jiggey piece and to cut the notch. Metal file
>> (and maybe a hack saw) work!
>> To do that, I need a couple of measurements from the lock.... overall
>> length of doo jioggey, width and depth and relative location of notch on
>> the doo jiggey..
>> So there you have it.... What and why.....
>> Frank Filippone
>> BMWRed735i@g...
>> On 2/16/2023 4:25 PM, cowtown_eric wrote:
>> > if it is unlocked, take the lock out and take it to a locksmith. Tubular
>> > locks can have keys made.
>> >
>> > OTOH, the Kennedy website lists replacement tubular locks locks for
>> around
>> > 40$ , probably the cheaper alternative.
>> >
>> > If it ws a flat lock, frugal me just picked it, removed the cylinder and
>> > removed the tabs....I did have a key in the junk pile that fit, so I
>> just
>> > fit in flats in the clyinder until I found one that would allow the key
>> to
>> > turn.
>> >
>> > Although I've never attempted to pick a circular lock, Youtube may hold
>> the
>> > answer., bu t you'd still have to have a key to fit !!!
>> >

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