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277002 Frank Filippone <bmwred735i@g...> 2023‑02‑17 Re: Kennedy Tool Box
OK.. Time to explain.....� This Box has no lock.� None.� No key either.

What I am attempting to do is to use a different model Kennedy Lock ( 
that I bought on the cheap, new, old stock, as in $10) and modify it or 
this box.

Here is what I need to find out...

There is a moving piece of metal (I call this the doo jiggey.) that 
rotates when the key is turned.� This latches into the top of the box to 
lock it.

I bought a lock that has a long metal piece, but has no cut out to lock 
into the top.� it is too long and it does not have the notch essential 
for locking.

What I need to do is to cut the metal doo jiggey on the lock, to match 
the smaller correct doo jiggey piece and to cut the notch. Metal file 
(and maybe a hack saw) work!

To do that, I need a couple of measurements from the lock.... overall 
length of doo jioggey, width and depth and relative location of notch on 
the doo jiggey..

So there you have it.... What and why.....

Frank Filippone

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