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276941 Frank Filippone <bmwred735i@g...> 2023‑01‑28 Re: DIY Miter plane
Thank you every one for adding to the knowledge of miter planes...

There seems to be some evidence to the theory that they were created to perform
accurate work on veneers for some form of parquetry .... they are
pretty small versions commonly found.  If you were working on a 1" thick piece
of white oak, and you wanted to make a precision 90 degree end, you
would certainly not use a 4-6 inch long plane... not enough mass.  If you were
working on creating a 1x1 inch masterpiece parquetry piece of 1/16"
beech, it would be more appropriate.....

The NYC planes for piano makers were generally larger.... as suits the wood
sizes and species they were working with.

Today we make our shooting boards from plywood, maybe a bit of termite barf
board, and can square anything, using a purpose built plane.  100-300
years ago I suspect the use of a regular, reasonably long plane would have
served the same purpose.... not that I have seen an old shooting board made
from wood,  They seem to be reasonably rare metal contraptions, and few models
seem to show up for sale.

And, Yes Bill, the prices on the planes you pointed me too are definitely in the
non-viable region for me....

Maybe I will get lucky and find a suitable infill plane body and make one form

OTOH, I have a lot of #6 Baileys, and they are workable, if not easily
handled.... I like the hot dogs.....

Maybe I need hot dogs?

Back to the drawing board.....

Frank Filippone

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