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276939 Kevin Foley <kevin.foley.135@g...> 2023‑01‑27 Re: DIY Miter plane
I may be late to this thread so if this is redundant, apologies.  For building a
metal miter plane Bill Carter has provide a loooong series of videos on how to
do it step-by-step with simple tools.


I’ve read, and it seems reasonable, that English miter planes are found in a
wide range of lengths, widths and bed angles so were made for several uses.
It’s a simple single iron design that is an easy form to knock together.

The classic, massive, low-angle miter plane (Spiers, Moon, Norris, Towell,
Moseley etc.) though sturdily built was meant for delicate work and the thin
mouth is fragile.  Many are seen with the mouths blown out

Shooting (chuteing?) lumber is a pretty violent act and a sturdy plane with a
higher angle pitch and an iron beveled at a steeper angle might be preferred.

Again, if this is common knowledge I apologize.  There’s a deep dive on miter
planes here:

http://mshepherdpiano.com <http://mshepherdpiano.com/>



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