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276900 gary allan may 2023‑01‑11 Re: So when did Scott meet Scott?
It couldn't happen to a nicer guy. 
 Thomas Conroy wrote:
 'Scott wrote: "Speaking of print, there is a new book just released on
screwdrivers by Don Wilwol. It has one of my Perfect Handles on the cover. The
book is also peppered with my work all the way though. "At least I think so.  He
is not sending me a copy. :( " '

I looked this up on Amazon, and the section "From the Collection of Scott
Grandstaff" is sixteen pages long, of which fourteen pages are shown in the
"Look Inside" preview that Amazon provides. Around thirty of Scott's perfect-
handled tools are shown, at least I think they are all from Scott and not from
the other dozen near-galoots with sections to themselves (none of their
treasures are show by Amazon)..


Happy Birthday, Scott. My mental image of you is still the young guy in Landis'
photos, who I first encountered when I was even younger.

Tom Conroy Berkeley

 Gam sez:

   It couldn't happen to a nicer guy, Gentle Galoots. And Scott!  

              good luck Scott---we've all stolen so much from you, you should be
pretty 'used' to it...

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