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276894 Christian Gagneraud <chgans@g...> 2023‑01‑10 Re: Question about an EC Atkins backsaw
On Tue, 10 Jan 2023 at 15:40, Adam R. Maxwell  wrote:
> On Jan 9, 2023, at 17:37 , Christian Gagneraud  wrote:
> Which is a bit weird, most (all?) of my backsaws have a stamp on the spine.
> My user stash had led me to believe that spine stamping and etches were
usually mutually exclusive (Disston being a notable exception). Groves, Moulson
Bros, and a few others have stamping but no discernible etch (though I can't
rule out disappearance over time). My Atkins and a Warren & Ted have an etch but
no spine stamping.

I have 2 disston saws with "local" etching
Most of my back saws are either Diston or UK made.
There's a bias here, I would only buy, euh.... find... saws with
distinct markings (etch, medaillon, stamps)
A notable odd one is sorby saws, trademark "Kangaroo". These are not
backsaws and they have a punched mark on the plate.
I think I have one or two like that that are early Spear and Jackson.

> Did any British backsaws have an etch? I should pull HSMOB off the shelf and
see what it says, since I have a tiny sample size here.

I have 1 Spear & jackson with a rather big etching, looks more like an
exception tho.


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