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276884 Adam R. Maxwell 2023‑01‑09 Re: Question about an EC Atkins backsaw
Hi Chris,

> On Jan 8, 2023, at 21:35 , Christian Gagneraud  wrote:
> Galoots,
> I just stumbled upon an old EC Atkins saw, just like that! :)
> 12", It has a fruit wood handle, brass screws and medaillon. But it
> doesn't seem to have any marking on the spine. Does anyone know if it
> should have one?
> I don't have any to compare with.

I have an Atkins 10" backsaw with an apple handle, brass hardware,
and steel spine. I just ran out to my shop to confirm: no markings
on the spine, and I'm pretty certain it's original, as my saw looked
as if it had been ruined on a nail and then put away for 80 years.

Nice find! I inherited some Atkins saws from my grandpa, and they're
good saws, but the etches are very light.

(also distracted by the wireless in the shop, and now late for work)

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