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276626 Dennis Heyza <michigaloot@c...> 2022‑11‑25 Re: unforeseen challenges
Jumping in on the shop clutter conversation -

Here's a link to my hand-tool-only shop page:


I learned long ago that working out of a tool chest was not for me. I like
everything in view and easy to grab without moving anything else. For
reference, my plane cabinet is about six steps from the bench, everything
else no more than a dozen feet. I typically take out the tools I need for a
set of tasks and put them away when done (and sweep). Once or twice over the
last couple years I found it necessary to set up a small folding card table
nearby if there were more required tools than open bench space, but that is
extremely rare.

Dennis Heyza - perhaps a bit anal in New Baltimore, Michigan

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> On Nov 24, 2022, at 9:34 PM, Darrell  wrote:
> With a much less cluttered bench and a better work area the job was 
> completed with relative ease. I was working hard, not smart, I guess?

Coming late to the conversation but I decided to go ahead and show how my
tools are arranged near the bench:


On the right in the picture is the narrow table that holds all the squares,
rules and knives plus a set of short chisels, mallet and misc. useful items.
this table is about three feet behind me when working so an easy reach. On a
lower ever shelf is a tool box with lesser used tools.

On the wall is the hanging tool cabinet full of bench tools: Planes, shaves,
marking gauges and paring chisels. This is approx. four feet away. Just out
of sight to the left of the hanging tool cabinet is a rack of scrapers.
Further to the left on the other side of the window, but off screen, is the
saw rack. Below that is a large toolbox for the least used tools.

If you are sharp eyed you will even note there is a shaving horse there
which allows me to reach shaves & drawknives on the bench when at work.

The bench is six feet long and has six feet of open space where I was
standing to take the picture.

It is a good sized space, but efficiently cluttered.


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