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276624 Darrell <larchmont479@g...> 2022‑11‑25 Re: unforeseen challenges
On Wed, 23 Nov 2022 at 23:09,  wrote:
> Are you talking tenons on the ends of the 42" boards?  Put them on a
> sitting height bench, ask Kathy or one of the kids to be a gravity
> clamp and pretend you are ripping a short distance?  Or wait a couple
> weeks to be invaded by invited kibitzers who can demonstrate how they
> would do it?  You know, the Tom Sawyer solution...  With a not huge
> vehicle I will be interested in the design.
> Esther who expects to be one of the kibitzers at the barbeque in 2+ weeks.

Good idea, but I got a handle on it already.

I spent some time looking at the cuts I needed to make and the
locations available on the bench. The other end (lesser-used end)
of the bench was a better place to work, as it turns out. I could more
easily make the rips and crosscuts I needed from that side.

The other thing that made a difference was to reduce the number
of tools I had in play. One square instead of three. One chisel instead
of two. Skip the crosscut backsaw, as the relatively fine-toothed rip
saw does an acceptable job on cross cuts as well.

With a much less cluttered bench and a better work area the job
was completed with relative ease. I was working hard, not smart,
I guess?

Oakville ON
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