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276621 Richard Wilson <yorkshireman@y...> 2022‑11‑24 Re: unforeseen challenges
Darrell has a problem….

I read this as needing to cut tenons onto 42” components.  I may be missing
something here, which is my normal state after all, but why not cut them

Some long time ago I made up an extended base for a 71, with an end piece that
provides a sort of depth stop

courier font  ascii art follows.  Router body, a basem attached with the
conveniently built in screwholes, and a stop which moves up and down, secured
with a couple of screws, tightened from the end.

     RRRRR     S
www    c       S
wwwwwwwwwwww   S
www            S

SO what does that fo for us.  Well, you can cut the tenon face and remove the
bulk material with a mallet and chisel, then set the router to the tenon face,
with its free end supported on the base.  You then use it to bring the tenon
face to a finished state.  Rotate the workpiece 90 degrees and repeat as needed.

As the french might say - Voila!

but seriously, the simplicity of the No71 (router, Jeff) hides its adaptability.
With the above modification, you are suddenly enabled to work on the ends of
workpieces where you would otherwise be denied access.  Those screw holes built
in for the fence can so easily be adapted for a plate which extends the base, or
for deeper fences to enable you to interact with mouldings, or whatever your
fancy suggests.
And - in previous instalments here, don’t forget that making your own fancy or
miniature blades is ridiculously easy with a grinding wheel and an allen key.

Richard Wilson
reaching back to the last century for ascii art 

> On 23 Nov 2022, at 21:30, Darrell  wrote:

> So, on to the challenges. The biggest one I am fighting with
> right now is the sheer size of the panels I am dealing with.
> They are 15 X 42 inches. That's not so bad when you're
> planing or scraping them. You put some stops on the bench,
> maybe a holdfast or two, and everything works fine. But I am
> past that part of the project, and I'm cutting tenons.
> Big tenons on the ends of big boards. I am having to orient
> the stock several ways, for various operations. The bench
> is pretty large (3 feet by 7 feet) so I *should* be able to do
> this, but I am finding it difficult. There are too many tools
> on the bench to allow for all the requisite position changes

Yorkshireman Galoot
in the most northerly county, farther north even than Yorkshire
IT #300

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