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276345 Tony Seo 2022‑09‑18 Re: Question on working green wood
On 9/18/2022 11:07 AM, the_tinker wrote:
> For the collective wisdom of the list (Ok, mostly Scott).
> Is there a fundamental difference between working a true sapling
> versus a fresh new growth branch from an old tree?
> I need to split a 1-1/4" diameter green sapling down about 18" and
> then loop the split end back on itself in a tight loop.
> Think I will saw into the stick half way and split the waste away. May
> still need to boil it to get as tight a loop as I want,

I have made a few hoops for displaying beaver pelts, but I never split
one down.  We have a ton (literally) of new growth maple saplings
around, so I would just pick one that was about the diameter that I
wanted, and cut it down.    Tie it in a hoop and let it dry.   I thought
that I had a picture of that, but I can't find one right off.

I have also used those maple saplings for making primitive tent poles
and they are still going strong 15 plus years later.

Funny story about the beaver pelt.  I used to do a one day
leatherworking demo at the Lord Stirling 18th Century Festival in
Basking Ridge NJ.  And this was a family type event with lots of
"yuppie" families, like the one time when a young boy asked where the
deer hides that I had on display came from and his mother replied "They
come from animals that were cruelly killed for their skins" and her
husband chimed in "Yea, like those $200 dress shoes you wear!".  I just
smiled as they walked off.

Well one time, one of the yuppie mom types sees the beaver pelt I had
hanging up, asked what it was, and after I told her, she felt it and
asked "Are all beavers this soft?"   To which I answered with a smile,
"So are, some aren't."  She replied "Oh" and a couple of older gals who
were standing there as well started laughing hard (they got the joke),
but the yuppie mom still had no clue.

Oh yes.

Tony (running on fumes after back to back 4:00 AM flea market wake up


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