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276341 the_tinker <tinker@z...> 2022‑09‑18 Re: Question on working green wood

I did. Didn't want to bore. Long story longer, just got back from a
three week trip through Nebraska, Wyoming and Montana (retirement is
wonderful) basically following the track of Red Cloud's War. Hit all the
battle sites and old forts or locations such as there is. Hay field
fight, Crazy women creek, Wagon box fight, Battle of Hundred-in-hands
(Fetterman massacre - since when does the loser get to name the
battle?). Any way being a long time student of the 100 years war as
fought here in the colonies (French and Indian War to my friends across
the pond). I have made bows, arrows, knives and tomahawks in Indian
style. This trip inspired me to make a plains Indian war club. I brought
a bucket full of suitable stones from the banks of the Yellowstone
river. So yes, after grooving the stone head I want to wrap the split
section bark out around the stone and bind with raw hide. I figure I
could get a really tight wrap going flat-to-flat. I will use only what
was available to a plains Indian. I'm going to use a chunk of iron
similar to a wagon wheel tire to try and chip the groove.

Have some good picture to work with from the museum at Cody. Interesting
fact, the war clubs got about 20 inches longer with the introduction of
the horse.



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