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276329 scottg <scottg@s...> 2022‑09‑13 Re: WTB Bark Spud
I have never had a lot of use for a bark spud, even though I have had 
them in the past and I know people who use them.
  Bark spud is more a "pry the bark off"  tool, sort of like a crowbar.

   I was always a drawknife guy. Straddle the log and peel with the 
bevel down. I am pretty fast.

  But lately I got turned onto using an ordinary garden spade.
A standard square end, short D handle garden spade.
  If you take a big coarse file (or an a--gle grinder) and put a 25-30 
degree bevel on the inside leading edge of the spade (the side where the 
dirt normally goes)

   OK its a little tricky to get down. The angle where you are riding 
the bevel you made. And the slightest change in your angle of attack 
means skating off the bark or digging into the wood.
   But when you do hit the magic angle, just under the bark,
its just.............. WHINNG !!!!!
Strips of bark explode off, as the spade travels the full length of the 
pole in seconds flat.

   It really does work and its 2 dollars any yard sale away.
      yours scott

    Scott Grandstaff
    Box 409 Happy Camp, Ca  96039

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