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276191 Curt Seeliger <seeligerc@g...> 2022‑08‑18 Re: successful failure
Some time ago, Scott wrote:
> So I found a piece of steel. ...
> I cut out what I thought I needed and set to, and massively ground it

Michael wrote:
> ... a 19th Century English knife froe. Made by the dozens in Sheffield.
> https://craftsofnj.org/index.php/froes-by-hank-allen

and The_Tinker wrote:
> So I was near the store where I saw the tobacco cutter and it was still
> ... My chisels are happy.
> https://mega.nz/file/FBkWkRAQ#ZL4BHr01zcHICeOPuQWHawdaXISOeUodhRTqCSmx4T0

So to round this out, here's a recent blog entry about Jennie Alexander's
hacking knife, with enough description to have your local blacksmith make
one for you.

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