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276055 kirkhmb 2022‑08‑02 Re: Repair of a Gage Plane
Thanks to a clarifying email from Kevin, this crisis is under control.  Guess I
should have sucked it up, and taken a look before I panicked.  The good / bad
news is that while the plane isn’t damaged there, 3/8” of travel is used up.
Don’t know if the plane is that worn, or they designed it to allow putting an
extra thick sole on it.
And Scott the Happy Camper offered to send a parts plane from his project pile,
so we can see what combo works best.
Here it is opened up.  I think the bit of space on the top side is from the
dowel pin being slight offset.

Thanks all.
Kirk in Half Moon Bay, pulled a bent handled ball pein hammer out of the rehab
pile tonight, but it’s an octagonal so may try to steam it.
On Aug 1, 2022, at 8:19 AM, Kevin Foley  wrote:

I did some minor disassembly of mine to take a look.  The dowel pin doesn’t
pass through the mouth/frog assembly but seems to anchor the screws that attach
the assembly.

There’s about a half-inch or more of adjustment that allows the assembly to be
raised to align the iron mouth of the plane with the worn or flattened sole.


On Jul 31, 2022, at 10:26 PM, kirkhmb via groups.io 

 Hey gang

I bought a Gage plane that needed a bit of work, and apparently the USPS didn't
think it was enough of a challenge as it was, so they upped the ante.

Question to the gathered, has anyone taken apart a Gage plane, and do you have
any hints before I go blindly onward?

Here is a cross section to start things off


The plane now looks like

In the original picture the cheeks had cracks, one previously repaired, the
other not.  However, the knob was not bent, (and another chunk fell off).  Spent
a bit of time looking under the washing machine for a chunk that was obviously
missing for a long based on the dust pattern. Did find lots of dog kibble tho.
Oh, and the "iron throat extending through the stock"  is now extending much
more than it should, and much more than in the original pictures.


So, based on what I can see from the cross section, it appears the knob may be
screwed in, so pulling it out may not be a good choice, but unscrewing it might
work.  If its not screwed in, no big loss of time.

But the throat concerns me.  You can see from the second picture that there is a
reasonable gap at the body, and hanging out the bottom a good 3/16".  I'm
guessing the dowel pin serves an important purpose, so my current plan of attack
is to strip off all the loose pieces from the iron throat, and then press the
dowel pin the direction it has already started to go.  However, that is
"towards" the unrepaired cheek, so a bit of a pause there, as maybe it caused
the crack.  I'm assuming there is some type of boss or loop or something at the
back of the throat that

And no, I won't be sending it back to the vendor.  I want the plane, and they
don't show up around here too often.

Kirk in Half Moon Bay, CA, hoping I have more luck from this account than my
other one, which has barfed on the last few things I've sent to the listserver.

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