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275920 Greg Isola <gregorywisola@g...> 2022‑07‑14 Re: successful failure
In typical fashion, Gary raises a solid point...

> I've been watching people smoke, sniff and chew for 60 years or so, and I
> never saw anyone use one of these to cut tobacco.

Same here, and me neither. But I was thinking this "tobacco knife" was for
use a bit further upstream, as in maybe part of the tobacco product
manufacturing process (e.g., cutting the leaves to shape for rolling
cigars, etc.).

Huge caveat here: I know nothing of consequence about "the tobacco product
manufacturing process"! I just thought this tool was maybe for something in
that realm, as opposed to something for the end user.

Anyway, I still want one!

Take care, all of you,

Greg Isola
Alameda, CA

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