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275127 Chris Wolf <hframe79001@g...> 2022‑01‑20 Help identify scrub plane
The "unknown trademark" discussion reminded me of the horned German scrub
plane I found at an estate sale 3 years ago. Can anyone tell me more about
it? I've tried some internet searches without really learning anything.

Five photos are here:

It has "GERMANY" stamped on the top surface just behind the horn. On the
vertical surface of the toe it has "5" and "1 3/8" (which is the width of
the blade). The iron has an attractive logo consisting of a circular graphic
containing "LW" and what I interpret as a shooting star streaking across the
sun(!). It has a "33" above that and "GARANTIE" and "MADE IN GERMANY" below

I just love this plane, its patina, its shape, the blade logo, everything,
although I haven't used it for any real work. The sole was more beat up than
I liked, so I shaved it down a bit with a Stanley No. 7. It was my first
experience sharpening a seriously curved iron, and it came out pretty sharp.
I worked on a scrap board taking off lots of material and it seemed to work
well. For now it just sits where I can admire it.

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