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275113 cowtown_eric <ecoyle@t...> 2022‑01‑19 electric winding strips
On one of the sat night Zoom oldtools meet ups, I mentioned electric winding
strips that I had made to cope with older eyesight.

so here's 3 pix of it in action

The unfortunate camera was unable to focus on both straight-edge and illuminated
strip- 10' apart.

The need for this arose a few years back trying to align a dining table  with
three  leafs inserted, and it worked well, so it got pressed into action again
today.But I still could focus.

I know it's an 'lectron burner, but as eyesight ages, one is forced to used
optical crutches!.

I shall try and find the spittoon in the morass of tools

Interestingly, the makerspace I participate in has a 5x10' CNC router and I was
chastised for not using it to level the table, and I was politely chastised for
not using it, but it's only recently been put into commission and I have watched
several folks encounter FU's in operation, so my risk management sense said..
can't afford a single F/U to destroy the surface and turn 500$ of maple itno
trash- so it's hard core hand flattening- and my back feels it. That much maple
weighs about 200#


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