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275047 scottg <scottg@s...> 2022‑01‑04 Bench Adze
Usually I just show tools I have finished.
Heres something different

part way through

I wanted a bench adze. And I have one now that I could just use as is, 
and it works great.
   But I want more. haahahhaahah  and........ I am at a crossroads of 
shapes and materials.

Here's my glorious starting point. A bar of tool steel that had been 
modified a few times in its life. When I met it, it was a bent flat 
prybar in its last life. It was bent and well mushroomed at one end so 
it was repeatedly struck for years in service. Its crazy tough steel 
whatever it is. It delightfully grinds like hard porcelain, ugh

Then this happened. (Complete with a big fat drop of dried sweat I never 
noticed. haaa)



So now what? I've got wood scales galore I could use
(no one piece solid mother of pearl this size, and abalone doesn't grown 
this big anywhere in the world, so forget it that.
Have lots of kinds of woods though. Exotics and the choice of domestics.
I just heard about straightening antler! I have a killer piece of elk I 
could use, if I can get it straight.

I could do a teardrop handle like a San Francisco hookers bodice dagger? 
ebony maybe with little studs all over?


  I was always a sucker for the tennessee toothpick coffin handle?


   I made a small tanto pattern handle that really feels good in the hand.
And my own drop point dagger handle feels amazing.

     choices choices haahah
   yours scott

    Scott Grandstaff
    Box 409 Happy Camp, Ca  96039

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