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274558 Tony Seo 2021‑09‑13 Re: Twix Manufacturing Company
On 9/13/2021 2:40 PM, Kirk Eppler via groups.io wrote:

> In mid 1953, they started advertising their take down square, claiming the
> Only 2 Piece Easy Carrying Square, "Take Down" Rafter and Framing Square,
> but I swear they were made much earlier by Eagle, I'll check later.
> https://archive.org/details/sim_hardware-age-home-improvement-

Takedown squares were made by a lot of folks over the years. I've had
them by P S & W and Pexto, Twix, Sargent had one, Stanley, and there
were a number of smaller makers as well.  Long time ago, there was a guy
at the one flea market that used to collect them and would bring some of
his duplicates to sell.  I have a C E Jennings here that I can't get the
joint fitted back together, which I need to get back to at some point as
well as doing some cleaning on.

Tony (so many projects....)

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