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272566 Chuck Taylor 2021‑01‑13 Re: Is there a Lie-Nielson for the M-F ? 2?
Gentle Galoots,

Dieter Schmid offers some modern eggbeater-style drills made by Schroder.
(Dieter is in Germany and the prices are in Euros.) He calls them "wheel braces.


Chuck Taylor
north of Seattle USA

On Tuesday, January 12, 2021, 3:52:49 PM PST, Chris Wolf 

It was Joseph who was looking for a "modern" Millers Falls; I gave him some

I have the Millers Falls No. 2 and 5a, a Goodell Pratt whose model I can't
remember, and a really cool Yankee 555 breast drill. I've had a few others
that I sold.

Check out H-frame, the site for vintage Workmates:

https://h-frame.weebly.com/ <https://h-frame.weebly.com/> 


From: John Ruth [mailto:johnrruth@h...] 
Sent: Tuesday, January 12, 2021 6:16 PM
To: Chris Wolf
Cc: OldTools List
Subject: Re: [OldTools] Is there a Lie-Nielson for the M-F ? 2?


If you are indeed seeking a Millers Falls #2 or  #2A eggbeater drill, I want
to suggest that they simply aren't all that rare, so don't overpay!
Thousands were made over the course of multiple decades.  

You may find this type study useful:


Which is a sub-page of:

I see M-F #2's a few times per year when I'm keeping up with the Flea
Marketing, Yard Sale-ing, and Estate Sale-ing.  As always, the more effort
one puts into looking, the luckier one gets!!!

My father had a #2 which had belonged to his father.  Since it wasn't a
power tool, I was allowed to use it from a young age.  One day my teen-aged
self somehow managed to break an internal part of the chuck.  I repaired it
by soft-soldering, but it was never "right." That jaw wasn't gripping
equally with the other two.  I felt really bad about this.

About 15 years later, now a young adult, I found just the identical M-F #2
chuck at a Flea.  Oh, how I enjoyed presenting that to my father!  He
expressed amazement that I was able to find just the chuck on the loose in
the wild.

With Pop's passing, this memory-laden drill is now mine.  My daughters have
used it, and I expect to pass it to my grandson.  

John Ruth

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