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272127 Claudio DeLorenzi <claudio@d...> 2020‑11‑17 Re: windows above benches
Hi Troy, I think maybe we have all completed 'emergency projects' within
shockingly narrow time constraints, so the quickest to completion wouldn't
be much fun because almost all of us would all be potential candidates.

  The fun projects are those 'special' ones, complete with 'drying out of
special timbers', sourcing of vintage hardware, careful 'design
considerations' and ' design research' that takes decades and decades of
careful thought (and the occasional beer or glass of scotch with "project

  So maybe I was wrong about 'not a record' ( at least, I can't find the
discussion- so maybe it was a different woodworking group or something I
was thinking of?).
Perhaps 51 years is a notable record, and I was wrong not to celebrate the
relatively speedy completion of John Johnston's project in just over a half

  I want to correct the record, and  I hereby nominate John Johnston as
current record holder of Not On Time Award (NOTA) - perhaps the more clever
amongst us can find a better name? Never Quick Award? Better Late Than
Never Award?

 Perhaps we have something tangible we can present to John for his valiant

 Awards to be delivered posthumously (of course).

Cheers from  Locked Down Waterloo, (Where ALL Businesses are slowly
bleeding to death, while huge conglomerates laugh all the way to the bank)

Last month I completed a mahogany end of bed chest that I began in 1969. I
had the carcase and an ill fitting lid. The coffin as it was dubbed
traveled from attics, garages, and basements in Austin TX, Arlington
Heights IL, Knoxville TN, Chicago, Columbus OH, Milwaukee, Memphis, TN, and
Asheville, NC. 51 years later I made a proper lid, added moulding top and
bottom, made dovetailed bracket feet, dyed the whole, wiped on oil followed
by 4 coats of 1-pound cut shellac.   My longest term project.

John Johnston

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