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271923 "kevin.m.foley" <kevin.m.foley@c...> 2020‑10‑14 Re: It's not finished until it's finished
Many thanks for all the replies.  It’s definitely not going to be easy as I’d
hoped but looking at it I guess I knew that the color was trending more yellow
than would be expected from garnet shellac.  It will take some experimentation
and I now have many things to try.

Richard mentioned "...patina, you might want to provide a bit of light wear and
damage”.  That’s funny because on the other side of the table someone has gone
berzerk doing just that.  It’s entirely cross-hatched in black.  It might be
covering up graffiti,  I don’t know yet.  Getting rid of that will come before
finishing the rest.  This table has suffered many fools.  I’m next in line.

… and 78 records as a source of black shellac,  that’s pretty cool.



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