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271572 John Ruth <johnrruth@h...> 2020‑07‑30 Re: Painting cast iron lettering

The “good aspects” of triangular cosmetic sponges as paint daubers are many.
Convenient size and shape, plus of course one can trim them. Near-ideal texture,
as far as I can see; they hold “just enough” paint and deliver it in a
controllable manner.

Widely available: Pharmacies, Beauty Supply, and Department Stores sell them by
the bag full, which is a lifetime supply for most of us.  ( Share it with SWMBO?

There’s no “prep time” for the applicator itself; they are ready to work right
as they come from the bag.

Marc mentioned POSCA Paint Markers.
They look to be even easier to use than my favored Cosmetic Sponges!

John Ruth

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