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269936 scott grandstaff <scottg@s...> 2020‑02‑14 Re: Anvil
Oh stab 100 red hot pokers in my eye why don't you?

Everybody has anvils. Most, more than one if you pin them down.

  1,000,000 sales,
all my life.
   Never willing miss a good sale.
  I have seen many an anvil being carried or carted away, just as I got 
Relatives called before the sale opened and such.
      A friend was moving to Alska one time, and tried to take his anvil 
(bout a 150 wright) with him,
but it overloaded his rig.  So he got frustrated and basically dumped in 
into his next door neighbors yard. Sold it to him for 5 bucks in a rage.

  Of course said anvil was immediately 24 carat gold plated, and listed 
at a Tiffany price.

One time I was bottle hunting on the "wrong side of the river".  It was 
miles from nowhere I had crossed the river downstream from town and was 
working my way back across the bluffs overlooking the river (no roads, 
bridges or trails left here anymore. Wild country now, nobody goes there.)

   I came across a small mining site from about 1900. Completely forgotten.
I guess it wasn't tiny. A cabin, shop and barn were in tattered ruins, 
but enough to make out the fundation outlines.
  The shop had been used for smith work. Its anvil was gone off the 
stump still sitting there.
But there were piles of tongs. Tongs of all shapes and sizes.
  I gathered up exactly as much as I could still walk away with, 
backpack groaning.

   The trip back was arduous and a little scary actually. Cutting cross 
country in wickedly rugged mountain terrain? Well, you are going to get 
assaulted in many ways. Must have taken me 4 hours to get back to town. 
About 3 miles on the right side of the river.
Over ridges and wicked gulleys and cliffs and briars and no part of the 
easy way to travel.

   Still have most of the tongs. Gave a few away.

   I've got about a 125 pound swage block sitting here. Its decent. Not 
chipped up much at all.

I have a great hood for a forge. One of those 1970's open fireplace 
hoods. Big and heavy
Along with, is a --big-- Champion hand crank blower that still works a 
There are some swages and hardies and miscellaneous forge things.
    oh and.....................
Hammers of any possible requirement will be available, naturally.

/ Gathered and waited most of my life, waiting on an anvil.
I am 68
All I can see now, is the last feint glint of sail going over the horizon

  Kind of like that girl I know

  yours Scott


    Scott Grandstaff
    Box 409 Happy Camp, Ca  96039

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