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269919 "Adrian Jones" <adrianjones747@c...> 2020‑02‑08 Re: Making a dowel plate
Great idea!

I think I have some lawn mower blades under a table in the woodshop - I will
have a look.

Meantime, I went ahead and ordered some mild steel from Amazon:

Bullseye Metals 3/8 .375 Steel Plate 4" x 8" x 3/8 Flat Bar Mild Steel


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Adrian Jones wrote:

 > Hi folks,
What sort of steel should I get?
It would obviously need to be drillable - I have a drill press (and a 
small post drill).
 > Cheers!


Mine is a piece of old lawn mower blade. Works just fine and has for 
years. You're driving wood that's fairly closely sized through it so it 
isn't under a lot of stress if the support below it is fairly close to 
the edges of the hole.

HTH, Dave in Fairfax
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