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269182 John Ruth <johnrruth@h...> 2019‑09‑10 Re: Repairing a Krenovian smoother
Are the ends of the pin exposed on both cheeks?

If so, cut the pin off nearly flush with the interior of the throat.  Drive out
both stubs with a wooden drift.

Through-drill a replacement pin center and then shape it to properly grip the
blade. ( Easier to grip if drilled before shaping. ) Use a drill press to keep
the hole parallel with the axis (Galootish post drill or Yankee hand cranked
drill press. ) Note that this will be the same flatted shape per Krenov.

Gently drive a brass axle through the whole assembly.  Everything should be a

Bob’s yer uncle: you have Flatted pin to grip the wedge, pressed onto a
replaceable brass axle which will never break unless brutally abused.

John Ruth
Who admires Krenov’s flatted pin which gives a much better grip on the wedge
than a round pin ever could.

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